Boujee on a Budget: Accessories

Well hey there!

Why does this feel like the beginning of an AA meeting?

Hi, I’m Emily and I am boujee. 

And while I would love to indulge like Donna and Tom…


We’re currently trying to save up for a house, so I’ve been trying to cut costs to help this process along. I really enjoy a challenge, so part of the appeal to this boujee on a budget situation is the hunt. I know its not for everyone, but I LOVE finding a good deal.

Poshmark is an app that I like to use to find accessories on the cheap. A TON of really great deals are posted every day if  you don’t mind digging. I’ve found a few easy tricks that I thought I’d share here!

Say, for example, I was in the market for some new Kendra Scott (which if we’re being honest, is literally every moment). I would search for the brand, and then filter the results by selecting “just shared”. While this does take a bit to filter through all the posts, you can find some really good deals! The best (read: cheapest) finds always go fast, so you have to snag things quickly. My only word of warning is to know what you’re buying so you don’t over pay or end up accidentally buy a cleverly disguised dupe.

Pro tips:

Search for items just using the brand name instead of the brand’s item name. People who were gifted an item might not know the specific name of the piece, which sometimes means that they also do not know the value of what they’re selling. When I was looking for some Dira Studs from Kendra Scott, I searched things like “Kendra Scott Studs” an “Kendra Scott Logo Earrings”.

Another easy way to save a few bucks is to use the bundle feature. Some sellers offer discounts if you buy more than one thing from their shop. This is great if someone is having a closet clean out and doesn’t mind losing a few bucks in order to have more items sold.

Happy shopping!


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