‘Tis the Season







It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over in the Willis house!

When we were looking at homes to lease, I knew this was the one when I saw the built-in bookshelves in the living room.  They’re easily my favorite part of the house, and I love decorating them for the different seasons.

What is it about christmas decor that makes a home feel so cozy? If Adam would let me, our house would be dressed to the nines in evergreen and glitter from about mid November until mid January. NO SHAME.

You know those Target commercials from a few years ago with the crazy Christmas lady?

You know, this one:

Thats me. That lady is the essence of me. Not kidding. 

Maybe I have a problem? I dunno. Who cares?

But hey, if you ever need anyone to help you to decorate, I’m your girl.

My favorite part of our decor this year are those pinecones. I bought them from Walmart on a whim one day after work. They were under $5 and they smell like Christmas. (similar)

What more could you ask for?


Happy almost December, y’all.

Disclaimer: Just don’t look at the empty picture frame on the top shelf. Apparently I have a real problem with picture frames.


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