Coffee Bar Reveal



Okay, so… its finally done and I’m super pumped to share!DSCN5894



Like I said in my last post, I already had the cube organizer, I just needed baskets to fill up all the sections. And y’all, this was way harder than I expected it to be. Apparently I’m picky about baskets?

Anyway, I found these gems after one very long trip at my favorite place to waste time — (you guessed it) Target. They’re actually from the bathroom organization section, which I thought was odd.

They were more pricey than I originally was looking for, but I decided to splurge on them because the quality was so much higher than the cloth cube baskets that you normally see in this type of setup.

As for shelving, I really wanted something that could keep my k-cups within arms reach without having to keep them in their original boxes. I looked around forever for the organizer from this pinterest post. And I finally found it at Hobby Lobby for $119.99.

You. Guys. I wanted to buy it soo bad. I even went to the store and walked around with it in my cart for 30 minutes. I tried to justify it, but even after the 40% off coupon it would still be 72 bucks + tax and I was not about to do that (not to mention, my husband would have shut down this whole coffee bar scheme reaaaaal quick).

Luckily, when I was shopping at Target for the baskets I found this bad boyDSCN5903

While its not an exact dupe of the Hobby Lobby unit, the baskets have plenty of room for an assortment of k-cups and tea. And the hooks at the bottom are great for holding a few mugs.

On top of the shelf beside the Keurig are glass containers (left over from my wedding decor, ha) that I got from the dollar store filled with coffee grounds and sugar, and I got the ampersand from Hobby Lobby last year.

And, of course, I hung the Hobby Lobby print I mentioned in the last post at the top.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way it turned out! Not only did I gain more counter space in my cluttered kitchen, I got a new happy little corner to enjoy.


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