Top 7 Faves

Pixi by Petra eyebrow Pencil
My natural hair color is an ashy blonde, and for so long I’ve had the hardest time finding a good eyebrow pencil thats not too red or too brown. But this one is great! It’s super neutral without being too dark. Its nifty
because it blends in well and gives the option of both a pencil and a gel.
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.14.35 PM

Anthro Mug
Adam and I are terrible at secrets, so I knew what all of my Christmas gifts were before I opened them. But I guess he knew I had been eyeing one of these little guys, because he surprised me with this adorable mug  from Anthropologie for christmas, and it’s been my go-to since.
The comfiest of  Tshirts
So, you know, typical Target shopping trip: Went in for markers, came out with this v-neck in 2 different colors (and I limited myself to two only because my husband was there, y’all) and they’ve been on repeat ever since. Super soft/v-neck/assorted colors. What more could you need?
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.11.14 PM

Pixi by Petra Lipstick
I’m a closet lipstick hoarder, and had to pick up this one in Peach Blossom. Looooove this color. It gives a nice spring vibe without being too wild.
Twist Me Pretty
My sweet friend told me about this blogger years ago, but I’ve just now started looking at her content daily. Abby of Twist Me Pretty focuses mainly on hairstyles, braids, etc., but I enjoy her blog most because the volume of content she uploads. I’m the kind of person who quickly looses interest in things if there’s not a lot to look at, so this blogger is my kind of gal. She constantly posts to social media in addition to updating her blog every Wednesday.
Subscribed to Ipsy last month, and I was pleasantly surprised. Each month Ipsy sends out a small cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 beauty products (in both sample a full sizes) based off of a style profile questionnaire you fill out upon signing up. I think Ipsy is super fun for 2 reasons: 1. I love getting stuff in the mail and 2. Its great to be able to try out so many different brands for only 10 bucks a month. Learn more here.
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.17.12 AM

Prairie Jewel Boutique
Pjb is a super cute boutique style shop near Cleveland, TX.
 Got this shirt from them, and I absolutely love it! You can find their website here or shop their stuff via instagram here.



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