Not so Extreme Makeover: Coffee Bar Edition

Lately I have felt like our apartment is too cluttered for me to function.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s already February, and I’ve still got boxes laying around from the move in May. (Sad right?) And it’s absolutely driving me insane. So ~of course~ I’ve taken to Pinterest to help me make sense of my mess.

One of the first solutions that I stumbled upon to help us gain a little more counter space is to turn an unused corner of our dining area into little coffee bar. I mean, who doesn’t want a cozy coffee oasis in their home? I found some really cute ideas like this one and this one, but my goal is to spend as little money as possible…so we’ll see how it goes!

My plan is to use a cube organizer that I already have as the base, then accessorize around it.

Little Bit of Coffee & a Whole lot of Jesus

I found this super cute framed print at Hobby Lobby that’s too accurate not to hang up in the space, so I am going to use it as my inspiration piece.

I have high hopes, you guys!



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